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Why I won’t buy one extra box of tissues for my kid’s school supplies; signed, a frustrated parent

So we started doing the school supply shopping this week. A daunting task even as the kids get older and the lists get shorter. Gone in my house are the days when the most expensive item on the lis…

Source: Why I won’t buy one extra box of tissues for my kid’s school supplies; signed, a frustrated parent

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Bringing BEAST Mode to Crochet

Crochet quickly became an obsession… I couldn’t hook fast enough… My family thought I had lost my mind..

I started thinking… what on earth am I going to do with all of these beanies?? A few of my friends suggested selling them. I thought they were crazy. Who would want to buy my stuff? Well..I will tell you…LOTS of people wanted to and did!

This is the photo that started my business soaring.

This is the photo that started my business soaring.

A few friends shared this pic on Facebook…It kinda went crazy for a while. Not that I’m complaining by any means!! I made enough money last season to pay for the venue for my daughters wedding!! Now that’s something to celebrate! To see more of my work visit my Etsy Shop!

Happy Hooking!!

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Hooking to Heal

I’m addicted to hooking! Hahahaha. I love seeing people’s reactions to that statement!

You can find healing in the most unexpected places. If you would have asked me a year and a half ago to learn how to crochet… I would have laughed hysterically at you! But it truly has been my saving grace in so many ways. It became an obsession. I couldn’t learn fast enough. I couldn’t crochet fast enough. I wanted, and still want to, try to make EVERYTHING that I see. Photo props, beanies, flowers, headbands, scarves, toys, baskets, booties… you name it! Except blankets.. Good grief who has patience for that nonsense??

I needed projects that I could see an end result FAST! My sister taught me how to make potholders when our dad was sick. I practiced and practiced and quickly became tired and bored with those.. Next came beanies.. I had my BBF (bitchy best friend) teach me how to make them. Even that got boring.

YouTube became my new best friend! There are tutorials for EVERYTHING on YouTube! I had no idea!! My first project was this flower. It took me forever. Stop, pause, rewind.. rip it out, start over, re-watch. I’m proud to say I can whip out that same flower in 15-20 minutes now!! You too can make a rose!

This isn't the actual first flower.

This isn’t the actual first flower.

This is what it has evolved into now! It’s one of my most popular requests to add to headbands and beanies! Seattle Seahawks inspired! Headband with LARGE rose!

You can order these and more on by visiting my Etsy store, Blessum Designs! Which is something I never in my dreams imagined would happen…People actually pay ME for stuff I make!

Until next time!! Happy Hooking!

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New Journey

It’s been almost a year since my last post. Last year was a year of emotional healing for me. I’m happy to say that even thou I still miss my dad terribly and I still have days that I cry, I’m emotionally and mentally in a much healthier place.

This summer my focus has been on physical health from the inside out. I have been learning how to eat healthier and exercising…Both HUGE hurdles for me to overcome. Being in a state of depression for so long I was eating terribly and exercise wasn’t happening…EVER!

I have been posting pictures and updates on Facebook all summer and recently I have had a few friends and followers suggest I start a blog. Hmmmmm….ponderous! So…that got me thinking…why start one when I already have this one??

So…Here I go!

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It’s Been a While

It’s had been a while.. Since I had shed tears. Today I cried. I don’t know if it’s because we are nearing the time when cancer consumed you or if it’s because I have friends who are suffering right now.. You see, they too are losing someone they care about. Cancer is taking more lives. It’s breaking hearts.

It’s been a while… Since I looked at your pictures and I didn’t cry.
I know that your time is chosen by a greater power. But I also know that that greater power gave man the knowledge and resources to find cures, to discover and create medicine.

It’s been a while since I’ve smelled your pipe..cherry tobacco was always my favorite. The way you would clamp the stem in your teeth, scrunch up your face…eyebrows furrowed..saying “why I ought a” or as Nichole used to say, “why I otter.”

It’s been a while since you’ve hugged me tight. Your bear hugs.. I always felt how much you loved me, how much you didn’t want to let go…we never knew how long it would before the next visit. In that one action there was great strength, unconditional love and deep sadness.

It’s been a while…since I’ve heard your voice. Since I’ve talked to you. I know I can listen to it on your commercial or news broadcasts, but it’s not the same. It will never be the same.

It’s been a while since I’ve told you I love you.

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